Vision and Mission

Indigenous Mayan Mam villagers and NGO staffers engaged with Sustainable Sharing with Guatemala (SSG) live healthier lives and will need less outside support. Our mutual sharing builds stronger individuals, families, and communities.

We partner with established organizations that share our vision and values to build practical working models that can translate across borders and cultures. These models promote and sustain social justice, the environment, education, agriculture, and health.

Core Values

All people and places on the earth are connected. The more strongly we emphasize these connections, the better the chance to sustain the earth. The indigenous Mayan Mam culture is rich, beautiful and embodies global wisdom. Thus, it deserves to be valued, protected and shared. Human and gender rights are integral to survival and sustainability. We strive for long-term, sustainable solutions for people and the planet. Successes depends on raising awareness and support for health, education, and agriculture


Connect With Us.

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